Following years spent working for retailers, vendors and affiliate parties across a variety of industry segments, the team at GreensData now wants to help you find your customer. We want you to know your customer as well as we do. Working together, we can give you the insights you need to optimize every customer and consumer touchpoint and interaction.



Worry-free Solutions for Your Business


Specialized Insights

At GreensData, we believe the consumer is the true guide for any industry. Utilizing our years of experience studying and understanding consumer needs and desires, we can give the specific data and insights necessary to run your business.


Tailored Solutions

Though we specialize in finding and understanding the consumer, our deliverables are as customizable as you desire. We want to work with you to deliver the best solution possible.


Winning the Consumer

The success of your business is as important to us as the customer we are helping you better understand. With a deeper understanding of what your customer wants, you will be better positioned to make every interaction a win.